How Commercial Security Systems Are Getting Smarter

Commercial Security System

Commercial security systems are evolving rapidly. There was a time when they consisted of little more than entry point protection, fire alarms and motion detectors. Now they are becoming so sophisticated they are virtually additional employees. Technology has advanced to the stage where you can now have a 24-hour eye in the sky over your facility, as well as keeping track of minute specifics. Consider the following innovations in commercial security tech, which are only the tip of the iceberg.

HD, Tamper-Proof CCTV 

Remember when CCTV footage had that tell-tale grainy look? That is a thing of the past. Digital technology provides images that are clearer and in higher definition, meaning any criminal that invades your workplace is no longer just a fuzzy, black and white humanoid figure on your screen. You can zoom in for a close-up of their ear if you want to. 

Smaller, more compact cameras can now be installed out of reach of anyone who may wish to tamper with them. In addition, newer systems can be installed in such a way that not a single part of your premises is left uncovered. Plus, you, your staff or your security company can monitor them around the clock.

Intelligent Access Control Systems

You can now install access control systems that make use of biometrics, admitting people by fingerprints or even face recognition. You can programme them to allow certain people in only at designated times of the day, and you can even have tighter control over your visitors, with systems that grant temporary access and alert you to anyone who may have entered illegally or have overstayed their welcome. They can even notify you via SMS or email if a door has been left open somewhere. It’s becoming easier and easier to keep track of who enters your facility and to know their business there. 

Access control and monitoring are the two pillars of effective commercial security, and both are constantly getting smarter and more sophisticated. This is good news for facility owners and managers, who have long wished to have eyes and ears throughout the premises. Crime is always a concern for South African businesses, but it is now seemingly getting easier to maintain the safety of your employees, workspace, equipment and stock.

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