How to Optimise Your Co-Working Space with the IoT


Co-working spaces have become exceptionally popular over the years, with the vast majority of businesses adopting this approach when it comes to their office design. This is especially true in terms of companies with a more creative, trend-setting company culture. The question is, how can you go about optimising your co-working space for productivity and enhanced collaboration with the IoT? Here are some suggestions. 

Maximize health and comfort 

It is worthwhile to invest in the best of the best when it comes to lighting, ergonomic furniture, and plants. Look into how these different aspects are impacting your employees’ capacity to collaborate with the help of companies that specialise in the collection of hard and soft data from your co-working space. This data will help you to further maximise the office. 

Use intelligence in any and every way you can 

Look into applications specifically designed to boost productivity and cut costs. Great examples include cloud-based access control apps and products that allow you to book a meeting room in advance, using smart data to establish when various rooms in the office are being used and aligning this information with your office cleaning schedule. 

Co-working spaces and COVID-19 

Nowadays, the focus is not just on optimizing co-working spaces for productivity but also on optimizing them to ensure employee health and safety in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips for safe co-working in terms of reducing the spread of the virus:

  • Encourage employees to work from home: The fewer people that you have working in the office, the lower the risk of the virus spreading. If there are certain employees from certain departments who can work from home, that is what they should be doing. 
  • Thorough cleaning: Use an alcohol-based sanitizing surface cleaner to wipe down all surfaces in the workplace regularly. Pay special attention to surfaces that are frequently touched, such as light switches, keyboards, and door handles. 
  • Sanitizing: Introduce a sanitizing procedure which encourages employees to sanitize their hands every time they leave a room. 

Jason Scholtz is the CEO of Envision Investments and is a highly respected thought leader within the property and strategic investment industry in South Africa. Interested in more investment tips? Get in touch today! 

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