Jason Scholtz looks at cost benchmarks for transport vehicles

cost benchmarks

Transport vehicles are categorised into various cost benchmarks and these benchmarks set the limits to how vehicles operate. Jason Scholtz says that these cost benchmarks provide a clear guide to trucking costs made in the transportation of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Jason Scholtz considers some of the most important cost benchmarks of the transportation industry:

  • Tyres – Tyre life depends on many factors such as speed, vehicle tyre management and terrain.
  • Vehicle type – This describes the type of vehicle and the axle number you are dealing with.
  • Payload – The payload refers to the maximum load that can be carried on any type of vehicle and these loads depend on the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Volume – The volume of a vehicle refers to the length, height and weight of the overall transport method.
  • Kilometres – The annual average kilometres of a vehicle are calculated by both long and short distance trips in accordance with the number of loads that are transported.
  • Licenses – License fees for vehicles are calculated according to the road traffic tariff and should be kept up to date.
  • Insurance – The insurance cost is low when the operator has a low-risk rating and premiums are set at 7.0 percent of the purchase price for vehicles.
  • Salaries – Driver salaries and wages are calculated according to vehicle size, primary and secondary distribution tasks, region, different operators and the structure of remuneration packages.
  • Fuel – Fuel is one of the biggest expenses of the vehicle industry. The average fuel consumption is calculated with the assumption that the vehicle is fully loaded, and is driving at a certain speed in accordance with the speed limit.
  • Repairs – Keeping a vehicle roadworthy is key to vehicle safety. Repairs are made in accordance with road usage, terrain and transporting loads.

Jason Scholtz advises that we take care of our tyres, to get more out of your vehicle

Jason Scholtz and the staff at Transking are ready to assist you with finding the right tyres for your vehicle without overspending on tyres that will not last you as long as they should.

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