Jason Scholtz gives tips on how to keep a building clean with green cleaning technology

green cleaning

Keeping a building clean with green cleaning technology will effectively minimise the carbon footprint left by cleaning chemicals, says Jason Scholtz. Cleaning businesses and cleaning contractors strive to use green chemicals that will cause less or no harm to the environment while still getting maximum cleaning power from the products used.

Jason Scholtz gives tips on how to keep a building clean while making use of green cleaning technology:

  • Products such as air-fresheners cause harm to the environment and should not be used to make a room smell better.
  • Should a carpet need cleaning, it is better to use a steam cleaner instead of stain resistant chemicals as these chemicals will not only pose a risk to the environment but to the office staff as well.
  • If there is old furniture in a building, it is better to replace it, as old furniture tends to expose bacteria to the air that can lower the air quality of an office space.
  • Avoid any cleaning products that contain phthalates and formaldehyde which are very harmful to the environment. Before using cleaning chemicals, it is very important to read the labels to ensure it is not harmful to those in the area.
  • All cleaning facilities need to be LEED-certified. By being LEED-certified, a cleaning business can ensure that a building is maintained according to the correct hygiene procedures.
  • New technologies such as spray nozzles that eliminate chemical release should be used, as state-of-the-art cleaning equipment will reduce environmental damage.
  • Commercial cleaning facilities are experienced and know which chemicals are safe to use. As these chemicals are costly, it is better to make use professional cleaning services rather than purchasing the products yourself and hiring inexperienced cleaning staff to do the job. 

Jason Scholtz says we should go green and keep your building clean

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