What skills are needed in corporate social responsibility? Asks Jason Scholtz

corporate social responsibility

Jason Scholtz feels that if you want society to value your business, you need to have a strong corporate social responsibility towards your company. Corporate values are highly important as these are the values you will be teaching your staff such as the building of a school. The Khomisani Primary School that was improved by Jason Scholtz and his team is a great example of a company that helps society build a better education for future generations.

It is easy to get the correct social skills to effectively grow trust in your business. The skills that Jason Scholtz uses to make a difference in society include:

  • Doing more – Just talking about doing something good within your company is not good enough. You need to do what you are saying and in that manner, you will gain trust and respect from the community. Should you see the need to make sure children have a safer environment to play in, it is a good idea to make a team effort to build them a play park.
  • Know what you want to do – To give back to the community or donate to charities such as funds for the less fortunate, you need to have enough knowledge about the organization so that you can teach others to do the same as you.
  • Influence – Pressuring people for respect will not last long and your business will become a general hazard to become part of. You need to learn to incorporate a positive influence on those around you as well as your employees by making an effort to organise team building days where animals or endangered species can be rescued.
  • Listening – Corporate social responsibility does not mean you must be active every single day. You can also listen to what your employees and society are saying and what they think about your beliefs by helping at a home for the elderly.
  • Project management – Cleaning projects, team building and charity events need to be done in such a way that people feel welcome at the event and would want to do more than just attend functions such as fundraisers. If your business can get more people involved in what you stand for, you will gain a huge amount of respect for making a positive contribution to society.


Jason Scholtz believes that corporate values are more than talking – it’s doing

You do not need to take on this immense task all on your own. There are many organisations you can become part of that work together as a unit to make the world a better place. All you need to do is practice what you preach and give something back to get people to give back to you.

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