Jason Sholtz considers the benefits of corporate social investment for your business

corporate social investment

Corporate social investment is a remarkable way of uplifting your business and your staff member’s image in a positive way. Building a positive reputation for your business will not only increase revenue, but also uplift the value your staff put into their work. The improvement of the Khomisani Primary School lead by Jason Scholtz has helped both employees and members of the community stand together to build a better future.

Many companies prefer to make use of non-profit organizations to give back to the community. Apart from non-profit organizations, Jason Scholtz has also chosen to invest in environmental or labour organizations. These organizations can include school build, mechanics training volunteering, clean-up projects, endangered animal rescue and any other activity that might give a company a higher social standing.

Jason Scholtz highlights some benefits of the social responsibility outcomes while the Khomisani Primary School was improved:

  • The quality of education in the area of the Khomisani Primary School has dramatically improved due to the new technologies installed in the classrooms. As education forms the basis of a better future, the entire community reaps benefits of this.
  • The school now offers classes for all ages and takes great care to ensure matric learners have all they need in order to finish their education with a promising future ahead.
  • Children that could previously not attend school, now have the opportunity to get an education that will ensure a positive outlook over life.

Social development – growth for businesses in a positive way 

Social development projects will bring a company to new heights and will do wonders for the reputation of a company. Jason Scholtz says it is important to remember that the social standing of a business is different from that of an induvial person’s social standing.  A business uses its social standing to build trust with its users. This trust will in turn ensure that the users continue making use of the services the business has to offer. An individual person often uses a higher social standing in a negative way and not to the benefit of those around him.

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