The Internet of Things and Commercial Property Security and Facilities Management


Facility management, including property security, can be an extremely complex and thankless job. The portfolio of the facility manager is a voluminous one that includes everything from maintenance, property management and tenant relationships to environmental control and communications, and much more besides. 

In addition to the workload, the facility manager is also often dealing with shifting goalposts. The demands of the company change, government regulations are reversed or updated, costs rise, tenants and staff change their expectations, things break and need repair or replacing. It’s incredibly difficult to keep track of these developments, which is why facility managers can benefit from integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into their monitoring and management practices.

IoT in Facility Management

What is IoT as it manifests in facility management? Quite simply, the term refers to any network of devices that helps to manage a building or make monitoring and management more efficient and responsive. This may include smart energy meters, automated environmental control systems, motion sensors, surveillance systems and proactive IT analytics. 

Real-Time Analysis and Response

IoT captures relevant information in real time and enables instant responses. The actions necessary to improve the efficiency of the facility can be taken immediately, not after a period of research, number-crunching and discussion. Current trends and patterns can be assessed and acted on immediately.

 Predictive Analysis – Beyond Real-Time Response

A variety of systems that fall under the remit of facilities management now often have predictive functionalities, which can help managers solve problems before they arise. 

Based on the data gathered, IoT analytics tools can assess the data and predict a particular facility’s future maintenance and replacement needs. This not only keeps you several steps ahead, but it can also help you to act proactively, pre-empting and avoiding downtime or other fallouts that might arise from a total failure.  

IoT instrumentation and analysis tools are the future of facilities management. They can help you to save money and energy, while giving you the extra eyes, ears and hands you need to maintain effective control over your facility.

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