ADvTECH and Jason Scholtz invest in academic excellence in the Western Cape

academic excellence

As one of South Africa’s investors in youth training and skills development, Jason Scholtz is pleased to announce that Glen wood House School was sold to Adv Tech. The investors had a vision on transforming the school into a real force to reckoned with – at a much faster pace than the previous owners had anticipated. Adv Tech realized the school’s value to their portfolio, and made a purchase offer to Jason Scholtz and the other investors, which was accepted.

Commenting on the sale, Jason Scholtz says the ownership of the school will officially change hands on the 1st of January 2017. The school itself has been in existence for over ten years and was originally brought to life by a group of parents who wanted to give their children the very best. Leading this visionary group of parents was Johan Marais, the current CEO of Glen wood.

When they first opened the doors, the school was a second home to just 82 children. Since then, it has grown substantially in size and ability and offers a quality education to over 800 learners across all grades, and right up to metric. The emphasis is on providing the learners with everything that they need in order to make the most of their education.

Jason Scholtz is satisfied with this particular education investment and is proud to be able to add this success story to his investment portfolio achievements. With a passion for education and skills development, Jason Scholtz looks forward to making a continuous difference in the lives of the youth of South Africa.

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