Jason Scholtz looks at how to keep both building managers and contract cleaners happy

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Contract cleaners are independent professional cleaning staff that specializes in making a building hygienically clean for users. Jason Scholtz says that hiring independent contractors to keep a building clean streamlines the process of hiring independent cleaners that might not live up to cleaning standards.

Jason Scholtz knows that keeping both building manager and contract cleaners happy is not always easy but with these tips, unnecessary cleaning complaints can be eliminated:

  • Should a cleaning issue arise, it is best to address the issue as soon as possible. If the issue is not resolved within the allocated time given, the issue can be defined as a cleaning complaint and further steps will need to be taken.
  • When an issue is addressed, all parties need to be as professional as possible. As individual cleaning contractors can be offended by different views, the matter needs to be addressed in a clear way.
  • People tend to have different views about hygiene and the cleanliness of a place, thus it is important to accommodate all aspects of cleaning.
  • As a certain personal effect will be noted during the process of resolving the issue, it is important for the responsible party to apologize for the matter at hand. This creates the sense of sincerity towards the matter.
  • There is no need to accuse an individual for making an error. All cleaning matters can be resolved without unnecessary disputes.
  • Miscommunication can result in many errors including loss of work. Communicating clearly to the involved parties what the current situation is will ensure the matter is resolved in the correct way.
  • A cleaning facility is an independent cleaning company and is seen as a business on its own. For a building manger and a cleaning facility to work together efficiently, the two companies need to learn how to work around each other’s schedules without clashing.

Handle and eliminate cleaning issues the right way is important for success, says Jason scholtz 

Keeping your building clean is beneficial to those entering the premises; whether you are the manager of a hotel or an aviation building. Jason Scholtz and the team at Risk Release will assist you with keeping your building clean.

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