Jason Scholtz discuss why CEO’s should invest in social responsibility

social responsibility

Social responsibility within a company is beneficial, as it brings the values of the company together to form a unit with the staff, says Jason Scholtz. If the values of the company reflect on the staff and they truly believe that there is a greater good to the services they are offering, a company will reach new heights with regards to society trusting the brand they are purchasing.

Social responsibility within a company not only gives back to society but also gives our children a brighter future and the Khomisani Primary School that was improved by Jason Scholtz is a great example of that. Society will gain trust in companies that volunteer at different locations, make an effort to build a greener environment and help the less fortunate by donating to different charities.

Jason Scholtz highlights that if CEO’s do not invest in social responsibility to reach a higher corporate social standing, some issues might occur such as:

  • The business may lose its license to operate normally. If the community is not happy about the results of the company in society and if they do not make an effort to take part in projects such as soup kitchens for the less fortunate, they can make it difficult for a CEO to run the company effectively, therefore it is important to keep the community happy by giving back to them while building trust.
  • Companies continuously pressure their supplier to deliver the products faster and cheaper while keeping the product at a top standard. Should a company not deliver the products fast enough with the best quality to customers while keeping a green approach in mind, loss of trust will result.
  • Employees want to work for a company that values its beliefs and would go the extra mile for a company that strives to create a positive environment by taking part in animal rescue efforts. If these beliefs are not correctly incorporated, the hiring and firing process of a company will be exhausting.
  • There are many types of awards that companies stand a chance to receive such as volunteer of the year or a green peace award – those awards create a positive attitude towards a company within the community. A CEO that does not care about these awards will not be taken very well by employees and society.


Jason Scholtz and his team is building a better future for our children 

Jason Scholtz says that by standing together and building a positive business structure, children will grow up to take over companies that have a set social standing; for which they have the past generations to thank and continue to uplift for generations to come.

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