Jason Scholtz evaluates interesting tyre trends from over the globe

interesting tyre trends

With tyre trends becoming more popular, Jason Scholtz sats it is much easier for people to get from one point to another is a short period of time. Vehicles, apart from airplanes and freight ships, are quite beneficial when it comes to transporting huge amount of freight or goods. Trucks drive right over the country with valuable goods every day and their tyres should be kept in perfect condition to eliminate any tyre related accidents.

Tyres are often taken for granted when driving, but the following tyre trends will make you appreciate your tyres more:

  • Hybrid tyres are becoming more popular in the tyre industry as it fits all-terrain and standard passenger vehicles.
  • They materials tyres are being made of are changing to accommodate greener living. Light weight tyres are made of sustainable materials such as tyres that have already expired.
  • If a road user wants to purchase a replacement tyre, they are more prone to look at the initial tyre cost rather than the other factors of the tyre that will save them a great deal of money on the long run. This trend will limit the progress of technology used in the replacement of tyres.
  • The concern over regulations on durability is still being inspected and if these regulations are set in place, it can have a huge impact on the amount of materials used to make tyres.
  • Low rolling resistance advances demand materials that produce waste chemicals are of great concern and are being addressed. This will eliminate noise emission and have an influence on material choice for tyres.
  • Chinese tyres are being imported to the US at a very low cost and caused a new fee to emerge when importing. Companies selling these cheap tyres were thought to suffer a great deal, but it did not seem to affect the tyre industry that much.

Let your tyres the best they can be, by operating in safe conditions

Truck tyres need to be safe at all times and it is very easy to get your tyres checked at a professional tyre manufacturer. Jason Scholtz at Transking will ensure your tyres are roadworthy though every day of the year.

For more information, do not hesitate to give us a call to have your tyres checked.

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