Jason Scholtz gives tips for managers and cleaning departments to address cleaning issues

tips for managers and cleaning departments to address cleaning issues

Places such as airports and hotels need to make use of professional cleaning facilities to ensure their buildings are hygienically clean. Cleaning contractors are independent members that deal with all cleaning issues that a company may have, including deep cleaning and once-off cleaning.

It might become a stressful situation to be in if the manager of a company is not happy with the cleaning staff or is there is other cleaning facility complaints to address. Jason Scholtz advises some tips to ensure all parties are happy with any cleaning issues that might arise:

  • Should a cleaning issue arise, it is beneficial for the manger to investigate as soon as possible in order to communicate the issue to the cleaning contractor. This way any discrepancies can be rectified promptly.
  • It is important to never make the situation the fault of an individual person. Speaking with a clear mind and in a professional manner will get things done faster.
  • It is better to communicate the issue to the contractor via phone or in person as many misunderstandings can be initialized through email or messages.
  • A suitable amount of time needs to be allocated to the issue to have it fixed or addressed. If it is not resolved, the next step can be taken; writing a letter to management for further investigation.
  • If a cleaning issue is communicated to the cleaning contractor, he needs to listen to the complaint without interrupting or becoming defensive.
  • It is the responsibility of the cleaning contractor to resolve the issue as soon as possible to eliminate any further dissatisfaction with the job that needs to be done.
  • Should the issue not be the fault of the cleaning contractor, it needs to be clearly communicated without having to take further steps to have the matter resolved.

Jason Scholtz reckons we can make cleaning department complaints something of the past 

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